Better Learning for Better Results
Better Learning for Better Results

Demonstration Unit

If you read our approach, you know we stress motivation, engagement, feedback and practice as the four key instructional design elements to create effective elearning.  Experience our demo to see for yourself how we incorporate all of them into the instructional design of the unit.


This unit takes you through a critical activity in developing a Process Management Control System - selecting the right indicators to measure how well the process output meets customer requirements. While only a part of the indicator selection unit, you can get a good sense for how we apply our design principles.

Introducing Process Management

Unfamiliar with Process Management?  Want to know more about it?  You can also use the demo link to try out our introductory unit.  Learn why Process Management is so valuable to process owners who must meet customer requirements every day. ​​

Full Process Management Course

The complete course leads each student through the steps required to build an effective Process Management Control System and use it to manage the process on an on-going basis.


Within the course, students learn how to:

  • Select the best process(es) to bring under Process Management

  • Document the process, primarily through flowcharting

  • Select appropriate output indicators based on customer requirements

  • Select the most useful upstream process indicators

  • Collect data and chart process performance

  • Evaluate data from output and upstream indicators using Statistical Process Control techniques

  • Determine the best course of action based on the data

Tell us about your experience

We appreciate your feedback. Let us know whether you agree that we've applied all four of the critical design elements. To share your opinion, click here.

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