Better Learning for Better Results
Better Learning for Better Results

Our Philosophy

Lean Six Sigma has proven to be an outstanding methodology to improve business performance, saving Fortune 500 companies billions of dollars over recent years.  Those companies with the most success, regardless of industry or geography, have one thing in common: training their employees in Lean Six Sigma skills.


We saw this first hand, having successfully led major implementations of Lean Six Sigma in diverse industries and businesses that spanned the globe. These experiences absolutely convinced us of the power high-quality training delivers in firmly grounding people in the basic skills needed to manage and improve their business processes.


Yet, finding useful training has become a real challenge. Programs have become overly enamored with advanced statistics and tools, overshadowing foundational problem-solving methods and thinking. In fact, the vast majority of people in a company don't need such advanced techniques to improve process performance. First let's get everyone in the game and equipped to win.


Our success will ultimately be measured by the success people, armed with our strong set of back-to-basic tools, have in making their companies more productive and more responsive to their customers’ needs.  Lynx Learning incorporates this concept into everything it does.  We invite you to share that experience with us.


Training is only as good as the people who develop its content.

Meet our Founder and Content Developer

Ellen Bovarnick founded Lynx Learning in 2009, an elearning company specializing in “back-to-basics” Lean Six Sigma training, after finding a lack of engaging, motivating, foundational Lean Six Sigma courseware in the industry.


She comes to Lynx from Nortel, where, since 2006, she led Nortel’s global Lean Six Sigma, customer satisfaction, and corporate quality initiatives. Prior to joining Nortel, Ellen drove the global development and implementation of Six Sigma and Lean initiatives at The Coca-Cola Company, Honeywell International’s Aerospace Division, and GE Capital Mortgage Corporation. 

Over the past 30 years, Ms. Bovarnick has continued to develop and deploy the six sigma tools and methodologies mastered as part of the original team of employees at Florida Power & Light that successfully led that company to win the Deming Prize in 1989.  She has coached hundreds of teams through six sigma tools and methodologies and guided leadership teams in leading and organizing their six sigma efforts. Her teams have repeatedly won national and international competitions, including the Rochester Institute of Technology/USA Today Quality Cup (1998), GE Capital Competitions (1996, 1999) and the International Quality and Productivity Center Six Sigma Awards (2005 & 2006).

Ellen is a licensed attorney, CPA and certified internal auditor. She also holds a patent and a copyright for her Six Sigma System and materials.

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